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I think he was totally confident about the songs. The insecurity may have been, if the Beatles kept going, "How many songs am I going to be able to get on each album?", and with the backlog sort of mounting up ... [to] get it out there, and get something from it.[54]


In her review of 1+, for Paste, Gillian Gaar says that with the Beatles' promotional films of their singles, from "Love Me Do" to "Something" (the last one they made during their career), "you can see the development of the promo clip, progressing from a short film that simply served up a straight performance to a piece of work that was striving to be something more artistic."[87]

By 1972, over 150 artists had recorded "Something".[165][166] In his 1996 Harrison biography The Quiet One, Alan Clayson said the song had attracted "nearly 200 cover versions".[139] In 1972, Harrison told music journalist Mike Hennessey that the Robinson and Cocker versions were among his favourites.[165] In later interviews, he said that the best cover version was a recording by James Brown,[157][167] in which the singer declares "I got to believe in something!" over the main riff.[139] Harrison commented that the recording was relatively obscure in Brown's catalogue: "It was one of his B-sides. I have it on my jukebox at home. It's absolutely brilliant."[168]

Harrison included "Something" in all of his subsequent, and rare, full-length concert appearances.[184] For his 1974 North American tour with Ravi Shankar, he had been reluctant to feature any material from the Beatles' catalogue,[185] but at the urging of Shankar and Preston during rehearsals, he added "Something" to the setlist.[186] To the disappointment of many fans, he chose to alter some of the song's lyrics (such as changing the first line to "If there's something in the way, remove it").[187] Further distancing himself from the Beatles' legacy, Harrison told journalists at the start of the tour that he would join a group with Lennon "any day" but rejected the idea of working again with McCartney, since he preferred Willie Weeks as a bassist.[188] MacDonald comments that this statement was likely in reference to McCartney's "too fussily extemporised" bass part on the Beatles' 1969 recording.[10] With Boyd having left Harrison for Clapton earlier in 1974,[189] Larry Sloman of Rolling Stone described the reworked "Something" as "a moving diary of his love life".[190]

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As former President Donald Trump sounds off on multiple investigations that appear to be heading toward possible charges, three in four U.S. adults believe he has done something either illegal or unethical, a new poll found.

Asked in the new poll about the investigations into Trump, 46% of national adults replied that they think he has done something illegal. That includes 78% of Democratic respondents and 41% of independents, as well as 10% of Republicans.

What all that means exactly isn't clear yet. What is clear, from public opinion polling, is that Americans believe gun violence is a problem, and they support more restrictions on guns. That sentiment spilled over Sunday night when a frustrated crowd chanted "do something" at Ohio's Republican Gov. Mike DeWine following the mass shooting in Dayton. They eventually drowned out his attempt to roll out his plan to curb gun violence.

These laws allow police to get what's known in many places as an extreme risk protection order and temporarily seize guns if someone reports seeing something that gives them concern that someone who owns a gun may be a risk to themselves or others.

Assault-style weapons were banned in the 1990s during the Clinton presidency, and it's something that former President Bill Clinton has now come out and said he believes should be instituted again. But there's little appetite on Capitol Hill among Republicans for reinstating the ban. 041b061a72


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