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Chandamama Lo Amrutham: A Hilarious Space Comedy

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to the moon with your friends and family? Well, that's exactly what happens in Chandamama Lo Amrutham, a 2014 Telugu-language science fiction comedy film written and directed by Gunnam Gangaraju. The film stars Srinivas Avasarala, Harish Koyalagundla, Vasu Inturi, Sivannarayana Naripeddi, Dhanya Balakrishna and Suchitra. It is based on the Amrutham sitcom with Sivannarayana and Vasu Inturi reprising their roles. Gangaraju, who produced the sitcom, also produced the film.

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The film is marketed as the first space comedy in Telugu cinema and it delivers on its promise of laughter and entertainment. The film follows the rags to riches tale of two friends, Amrutham (Srinivas Avasarala) and Anji (Harish), who become billionaires after several failed attempts to make money. They decide to go to the moon with their respective families and friends, but end up in a series of hilarious situations and challenges.

The Origin of the Movie

The movie is inspired by a popular sitcom Amrutham, which aired on Gemini TV from 2001 to 2007. The sitcom narrated the daily lives of Amrutham, a middle-class man who runs a restaurant called Amrutha Vilas, and his friend Anji, who helps him in his business ventures. The sitcom also featured their wives Sanjeevini (Suchitra) and Shanta (Dhanya Balakrishna), their landlord Appaji (Sivannarayana Naripeddi), their neighbor Sarvam (Vasu Inturi) and other recurring characters.

The sitcom was known for its witty humor, satirical commentary on social issues and references to popular culture. It was one of the longest-running and most-watched sitcoms in Telugu television history. It won several awards and accolades for its quality and popularity.

Gangaraju Gunnam, who created, wrote and produced the sitcom, decided to make a movie based on it in 2014. He retained most of the original cast members and added some new ones. He also changed the setting from Hyderabad to outer space, giving it a sci-fi twist.

The Story of the Movie

The movie starts with an enthusiastic Amrutham going to the moon. The scene shifts to Amrutham and Anji who became billionaires after about four years later. They achieved this by inventing a device that can detect gold underground.

Eventually, Appaji gets a huge loss through Amrutha Vilas as no one is ready to buy his food. He later goes to the duo for commission but he fails. He later bumps into Chandu (Rao Ramesh), who is Appaji's nephew. He is also a worker in Rocket Travel Company or RTC (a fictionalized depiction of APSRTC and TSRTC). They go to the duo who were trying to make a couple Doll Reddy (Pavani Reddy) and Sameer (Ali Reza) to wed but Doll's father Pol Reddy (Ahuti Prasad), a factionist and his henchmen Hole Reddy, Mole Reddy, etc are not very happy with it.

Appaji and Chandu get the deal done of going to the moon with RTC. But as fate turns out, RTC gets shut down and all of Amrutham and Anji's money gets wasted. Appaji too gets very angry with Chandu for this incident.

Later, Amrutham, Anji, their wives, Sameer and Doll Reddy lived in disguises for not getting hold of Pol Reddy. Anji says Appaji that Sameer was the son of the international terrorist Sin Laden (the fictionalized depiction of Bin Laden) who was known for bombing The Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

Later, Appaji tells Sin Laden that his son was going to wed a girl and please take him away. Later in the night, some bombs were thrown by an unknown person which makes Amrutham, Anji, their wives, Sameer and Doll Reddy live in poverty.

Sameer goes missing and they have to work hard to survive. Later, Sarvam tells that he has 60,000 in his bank account and their lawyer says that after RTC gets shut down, it was acquired by Ming and Lee, a Chinese space company which says that you have two options: one is for refunding the money while the other is to go to the moon.

Amrutham chooses refunding the money while Anji wants to go to the moon. At last, they go to the moon which makes Amrutham and Anji's friendship weak.

The Adventures on the Moon

On the moon, they face various challenges and funny situations such as:

  • They meet an alien named Gopi (Krishnudu) who speaks Telugu fluently.

  • They encounter a giant worm that tries to eat them.

  • They find out that Sin Laden has built a secret base on the moon.

  • They discover that Chandu has also come to the moon with his girlfriend Sanjana (Shivani).

  • They get involved in a lunar war between Sin Laden's army and Pol Reddy's gang.

  • They try to escape from the moon using a rocket made by Gopi.

The Return to Earth

After a series of mishaps, they manage to come back to Earth using Gopi's rocket. However,

  • They land in Antarctica instead of India.

  • They are mistaken for terrorists by an American spy agency.

  • They are rescued by Chandu who has become a successful astronaut.

  • They reunite with their families and friends who thought they were dead.

  • They realize that their friendship is more important than money or fame.

The Reception of the Movie

The movie was released on 17 May 2014 in India. It received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike.

The Positive Aspects

The movie was praised for its humor, creativity, visual effects and performances by some critics and viewers who enjoyed its quirky plot and characters. Some of the positive comments were:

  • "The film is full of hilarious moments that will make you laugh out loud." - Times of India

  • "The film is a tribute to all those who love sci-fi movies." - Deccan Chronicle

  • "The film is a fun ride that will entertain you with its witty dialogues and comic situations." - IndiaGlitz

  • "The film is a rare attempt at making a space comedy in Telugu cinema." - 123Telugu

  • "The film is a refreshing change from the usual formulaic movies." - Idlebrain

The Negative Aspects

The movie was criticized for its length, logic, screenplay and direction by some critics and viewers who found it boring, illogical or poorly executed. Some of

  • "The film is a drag that tests your patience with its absurd plot and dull narration." - Rediff

  • "The film is a disaster that fails to make you laugh or engage you with its story." - The Hindu

  • "The film is a waste of time and money that offers nothing new or interesting." - Sify

  • "The film is a mockery of science fiction and comedy genres." - Telugu Cinema

  • "The film is a flop that does not live up to the expectations of the sitcom fans." - Great Andhra

The Legacy of the Movie

Despite the mixed response, the movie became a cult classic among some fans of the sitcom and the genre. It also inspired other space comedies in Telugu cinema such as Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi (2018) and Antariksham 9000 KMPH (2018).

The movie also won some awards and nominations for its technical aspects and performances. It won the Best Visual Effects award at the Nandi Awards 2014. It was also nominated for the Best Comedy Film and Best Comedian (Male) awards at the SIIMA Awards 2015.


Chandamama Lo Amrutham is a hilarious space comedy that is based on a popular sitcom Amrutham. The movie tells the story of two friends who go to the moon with their families and friends and face various challenges and funny situations. The movie has its flaws but it also has its merits. It is a rare attempt at making a space comedy in Telugu cinema and it offers some laughter and entertainment to the viewers. If you are a fan of the sitcom or the genre, you should definitely watch this movie.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the movie with answers:

  • Q: Where can I watch Chandamama Lo Amrutham online?

  • A: You can watch Chandamama Lo Amrutham online on Prime Video.

  • Q: Who composed the music for Chandamama Lo Amrutham?

  • A: Sri Kommineni composed the music for Chandamama Lo Amrutham.

  • Q: Who played the role of Gopi, the alien in Chandamama Lo Amrutham?

  • A: Krishnudu played the role of Gopi, the alien in Chandamama Lo Amrutham.

  • Q: How much did Chandamama Lo Amrutham cost to make?

  • A: Chandamama Lo Amrutham cost 7 crore to make.

  • Q: Is Chandamama Lo Amrutham a sequel to Amrutham?

  • A: No, Chandamama Lo Amrutham is not a sequel to Amrutham. It is a spin-off movie based on the sitcom.


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