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Scene Everyone's Girl (Patreon).rar

Hey! If I had to guess, the problem is that the demo version is uploaded as a .zip, while the full game is uploaded as .rar. I'm not sure why the .rar isn't extracting properly, but I reckon if we switch back to .zip then everything should work. It may have to wait a day or two as our hands are full releasing an update to the game, but that might be for the best as this way you can play the version with additional scenes. I'll make sure the update is packaged as a .zip when it goes up and hopefully that will solve the problem. - Hallows

Scene Everyone's Girl (Patreon).rar

Space Paws has more than 40 fully animated H-scenes, 4 different planets with a main furry girl on each one, and 5 easter egg girls.This is a finished project thanks to the donations of thousands of patrons. If you somehow are happy that this game exists, please consider supporting us.Right now we've just started our second project Shuggerlain, a NSFW fantasy like game. The first alpha is already available for our supporters. If you paid more than 2$ here, you can ask for it here or on our patreon :)

I had fun playing this game a while ago and unlocking all routes ;)There are lots of stuff to find, and the story is great !A bit mad when you learn more about the human girl.Be carefull, some actions or choices may lead to lock some endings (like with the treasure that can lock the harem ending if you give it too soon).If I remember, there is also stats restriction to unlock specific scene (stats need to be greater or lower, so some can be locked). 041b061a72


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