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Best Business Books

Here are some of the best business books you could possibly read!

  1. Rich Dad Poor Dad - rich dad poor dad is about how to make your money work for you

  2. 5 Dysfunctions of a Team - This book is about how to make a group of business associates work together and become a more functioning unit

  3. The Contrarian Playbook - This book is about what you need to look for in a real estate property and how to pick a winner

These next two books are motivational business books that may also offer some good business tips

  1. How to Win at the sport of business - This book is about Mark Cuban's life story on how he became who he is

  2. Driven - This book is about Manny Koshbin and His extremely hard way to success.

To buy the books on amazon click on these links!

Rich Dad Poor Dad -

5 dysfunctions of a Team -

The Contrarian Playbook -

How to Win at the Sport of Business -

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