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Maleficent Full Movie Eng Sub Download Film

John Lee Hancock assisted Stromberg with reshoots for the film. Hancock, who had just finished overseeing the final postproduction stages of Saving Mr. Banks, was approached by producer Joe Roth, with whom he had worked on Snow White and the Huntsman. Roth said: "He's not directing. He wrote pages, and I hired a first-time director, and it's good to have him on set." Roth was asked why a "film of this magnitude was entrusted to a novice director", and he noted that Stromberg won Academy Awards for production design on Avatar and Alice in Wonderland. Roth said: "The movie is gorgeous to look at, and the last 75 minutes are really entertaining. The issue was the opening, which was reshot over eight days."[54]

maleficent full movie eng sub download film

In North America, Maleficent earned $4.2 million in Thursday-night showings, surpassing the midnight or late-night grosses of previous live-action fantasy films, Alice in Wonderland, Oz the Great and Powerful[84][85] and Snow White and the Huntsman. By the end of its opening day (including late-night Thursday earnings), the film earned $24.3 million, similar to Oz, but ahead of Snow White and the Huntsman and behind Alice.[86] Maleficent finished its debut weekend at first place with $69.4 million[77] ($6.7 million of which was earned from IMAX locations and 35% of which was earned from 3D showings),[87][88] which exceeded Disney's expectations of a $60 million opening[89] and making it the largest opening-weekend performance for a live-action film starring Jolie (a record previously held by her 2008 film Wanted),[87] as well as the third-highest opening weekend for a solo female star (behind the first two films in The Hunger Games series).[90] Disney reported that 46% of ticket buyers in Thursday previews were male,[84] while weekend reports said family audiences accounted for 45% of the film's total audience, and couples and teens accounted for 38% and 18%, respectively.[87][89] Female audiences and moviegoers over 25 years old held respective proportions of 60% and 51%.[87] Dave Hollis, head of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, attributed this success to "some momentum and great word-of-mouth."[89] During its first week, the film earned $93.8 million, ahead of Snow White yet behind Oz and Alice.[91] In its second weekend, Maleficent dropped by 50.6% to $34.3 million, finishing in second place.[77] It experienced a smaller second-weekend drop than Snow White,[92][93] yet still bigger than Oz and Alice.[94] In North America, Maleficent is the eighth-highest-grossing 2014 film.[95]

Maleficent was released by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment on Blu-ray, DVD, Blu-ray 3D, and digital download on November 4, 2014.[118] The film topped the home-video sales chart in its first week of release.[119] As of February 2015[update], Maleficent has made over $74 million in total home-video sales.[120] Maleficent was released on 4K UHD Blu-ray on September 24, 2019.[121]

On the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an approval rating of 54% based on 273 reviews, with an average rating of 5.70/10. The website's critical consensus reads: "Angelina Jolie's magnetic performance outshines Maleficent's dazzling special effects; unfortunately, the movie around them fails to justify all that impressive effort."[122] On Metacritic, the film has a weighted average score of 56 out of 100 based on 44 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews".[123] Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an "A" grade on a scale of A+ to F.[124][125] Jolie's performance in the film was repeatedly singled out for praise.

Mary Costa, who voiced Aurora in the 1959 animated motion picture, called the film, "a very good movie". She added that "the concept and perspective are totally different than the original film's, which makes it new and interesting." As for Jolie's performance, she said, "No one could have played the part of Maleficent better," concluding that "she was absolutely magnificent!"[136]

Multiple reviewers and commentators have opined that an early scene in the movie, in which Stefan drugs Maleficent and removes her wings from her unconscious body, is a metaphor for rape. Hayley Krischer of The Huffington Post interpreted the scene as an important reference to rape culture: "This is the horrific side of rape culture. We're so enmeshed in it that it's impossible to ignore a metaphoric rape that occurs in a Disney movie". She went on to praise the film for giving a positive and hopeful message to rape victims, ultimately allowing "the woman to recover. It gives her agency. It gives her power. It allows her to reclaim the story".[137] Monika Bartyzel of The Week noted the scene's implications in her review: "In its first act, Maleficent offers a dark, surprisingly adult exploration of rape and female mutilation".

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Despite winning a slew of deserved awards for early performances, Jolie has never gotten the credit she deserves as both an old-fashioned glamorous movie star and a skilled, thoughtful actress; this part fuses both sides of her talent. Her mesmerizing stillness makes us pay closer attention to Maleficent's every word and gesture than the film's screenplay deserves. We feel close to Maleficent even when she's doing the ice-mask-of-death expression showcased in trailers and in stills. We feel her conflicted feelings as she pretends to be the young Aurora's godmother, playing a role and then slowly becoming that role, just as we felt her rage at being violated and mutilated, and her need to make the human kingdom (whose representatives are all male) pay for what was done in its name.

But it's also a film of resonant gestures and dream logic, in which ancient and contemporary predicaments jostle against each other: romantic betrayal or sexual assault, and their psychological aftermath; the fundamental differences between male and female minds; the way that patriarchal culture fuses women's sense of self-worth to their bodies; even the tangled maternal impulses that independent single women who never wanted kids might experience when they have to care for a child. The movie is a mess, but it's a rich mess. It has weight. It matters. Years from now you'll hear teenagers or college students bonding over having seen it as child and lost sleep over it, and its title will have acquired three more words, plus punctuation: "Oh My God, Maleficent!"

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