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Warhammer - Age Of Sigmar - Chaos Battletome - Khorne Bloodbound (PDF)

Warhammer - Age of Sigmar - Chaos Battletome - Khorne Bloodbound (PDF)

Warhammer - Age of Sigmar is a tabletop wargame that simulates battles between fantasy armies in a dark and magical setting. The game is divided into four Grand Alliances: Order, Chaos, Death and Destruction, each with its own factions, units and rules. One of the most popular and feared factions in the Chaos Grand Alliance is the Khorne Bloodbound, the devoted followers of the Blood God Khorne, who seek to spill blood and claim skulls in his name.

Chaos Battletome: Khorne Bloodbound is a full colour, 136-page hardback book that contains the background story of the Age of Chaos and the Bloodbound, three Battleplans (instructions that allow you to fight battles based around their narrative, with special rules and layouts), Warscrolls for all the various Bloodbound miniatures, photographies of the various warbands, eight Warscroll Battalions (formations that give access to additional, powerful abilities), and the complete ruleset for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar .

Warhammer - Age of Sigmar - Chaos Battletome - Khorne Bloodbound (PDF)

The book is available in both physical and digital formats. The physical format can be purchased from Games Workshop's official website or from local hobby stores. The digital format can be downloaded as a PDF file from Games Workshop's webstore or from other online platforms. The PDF file is compatible with most devices and can be viewed on tablets, smartphones or computers. The PDF file also has some interactive features, such as zooming, bookmarking and hyperlinks.

The book is a must-have for any fan of Warhammer - Age of Sigmar who wants to learn more about the lore and gameplay of the Khorne Bloodbound faction. The book provides detailed information on the history, culture, tactics and personalities of the Bloodbound, as well as stunning artwork and photographs that showcase their models and paint schemes. The book also offers new ways to play the game with the Battleplans and Warscroll Battalions, which can create exciting and thematic scenarios for your battles. The book also includes the full rules for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, which means you don't need any other book to start playing the game.

If you are interested in Warhammer - Age of Sigmar - Chaos Battletome - Khorne Bloodbound (PDF), you can find it on Games Workshop's webstore or on other online platforms. You can also check out some reviews and previews of the book on various websites and blogs. Whether you are a new or veteran player, you will surely enjoy this book and unleash your fury on the battlefield in the name of Khorne!


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